Reece Bennett

Reece Bennett Senior Software Engineer

Hi! I'm a Senior Software Engineer at Kainos and Computer Science alumni from the University of Birmingham. Interested in webdev and gaming.


The Mongol Horde

HTML | JavaScript

The year is 1258. The Mongol Empire is rapidly expanding west, invading and conquering all lands they pass through. You have been notified that Mongol forces are drawing in, it is time to take up arms and defend the treasure! Created for JS13K 2023.


HTML | CSS | JavaScript

'Three Dimensional Cascading Style Sheets Space Station Simulator', a sandbox game made for JS13K 2021. Mine, manage resources and build epic space stations. Made in only 13KB, we used HTML and 3D CSS for the game engine.


JavaScript | A-Frame | WebVR

Return is a game about finding your way back home after being lost amongst the stars. Created for JS13K 2019 it was made using JavaScript with the A-Frame framework and is compatible with desktop and mobile (with or without a VR headset).

Pixel Alchemy

TIC-80 | Lua

A small game made for the first Fantasy Console Jam. The game was coded in Lua using the TIC-80 fantasy console.

Number Converter

HTML | CSS | JavaScript

A utility application to help convert between a few number formats.

Tiny Colonies

PICO-8 | Lua

A game made for Ludum Dare Jam 38 in 72 hours. You have been tasked with colonising a barren planet. Arriving with limited resources you must build and reap the land to survive.


HTML | CSS | JavaScript

A little spoof page made during downtime at BrumHack 5. 'Let me Hoogle that for you' is a spin off of LMGTFY, but for the Haskell language search engine Hoogle.