Reece Bennett
Computer Science Student

Hey! I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Birmingham, avid gamer and hobbyist programmer. I aspire to become a professional developer.

I'm proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Lua and Java and am always on the lookout for new things to learn.


Pixel Alchemy
A small game made for the first Fantasy Console Jam. The game was coded in Lua using the TIC-80 fantasy console.
Number Converter
A utility application to help convert between a few number formats.
Tiny Colonies
A game made for Ludum Dare Jam 38 in 72 hours. You have been tasked with colonising a barren planet. Arriving with limited resources you must build and reap the land to survive.
A little spoof page made during downtime at BrumHack 5. 'Let me Hoogle that for you' is a spin of LMGTFY but for the Haskell language search engine.